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Aromatherapy for Romance

Aromatherapy for Romance uses clear explanations, color pictures and multiple recipes to teach you how to use aphrodisiac essential oils to boost your married sex life and make every night a Valentine’s day.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. What is Aromatherapy?
Chapter 2. Safety Measures when Using Essential Oils
Chapter 3. Carrier Oils for Aphrodisiac Oils
Chapter 4. Essential Oils with Aphrodisiac Properties
Chapter 5. How To Blend Essential Oils
Chapter 6. Natural Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Recipes 

Online Aromatherapy Consultation

We are now offering an Online Aromatherapy Consultation service to help promote your health holistically.

This service addresses conditions like: 
Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, 
Fatigue, Low libido, Insomnia (sleeplessness), Poor concentration
Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cellulite, Athlete's foot, Dandruff, Thinning hair
Viral coughs and colds, Joint aches and muscle pains, High blood pressure 
Premenstrual tension (PMS), Painful periods (Dysmenorrhea), Menopausal symptoms etc

This list is not exhaustive and you can consult us for any physical, mental and emotional issue that you would like to manage naturally by using essential oils.

The recommended essential oil blends and carrier oils will be personalized by our Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner according to any other medical condition that you may be suffering from and the scents that you like.

The cost for this confidential consultation and personal blend service together with an ebook teaching you how to use the recommended essential oils is $50.00 which is payable by Paypal.

The recommended essential oils can also be mailed to you at an extra cost.

Contact us at with AROMATHERAPY as your subject to book your online aromatherapy consultation and receive personalized essential oil recommendations.